Identifying Asbestos

Seen the home renovation shows, anyone can do it – right? Maybe, but what if your home has asbestos? Surely that’s all gone by now? Wrong!

The reality is most houses built before 1990 contain some form of asbestos. Before you remove anything you need to know what might contain asbestos.

Our book Identifying Asbestos in Your Home helps you identify what might contain asbestos in your home before you make a mistake you may regret. Don’t risk exposing your family to dangerous asbestos fibres…

Get the knowledge all home renovators should have. Buy Identifying Asbestos in Your Home today and learn where this menace lurks in your home!

If you have a friend or relative works who as an electrician, air-conditioning mechanic, cable installer or any other trade where older electrical components are involved get them a copy of our book Electricians Guide to Asbestos it might save their life.

Asbestos Audits Queensland AAQ PL - Report on Asbestos Analysis, Roof and Gutter

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