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Do you have an Asbestos Inspection, Asbestos Management Plan and Asbestos Register ?

We can update your Asbestos Audit Report, Asbestos Register, Risk Assessment and Asbestos Management Plan.

As of the first of January 2012 Queensland adopted the National Code of Practice for How to Manage and Control Asbestos in The Workplace. This means that all commercial buildings built prior to 2004 in Queensland and Australia MUST comply with these codes.

To comply a building must have had an asbestos inspection carried out by a competent person from which an Asbestos Management Plan, Risk Assessment, Register and Report is completed if asbestos is found or assumed to be present.

For private or residential premises we also offer inspection and reporting services similar to those for commercial building owners as changes to the Code of Practice mean that builders or tradespeople carrying out any renovation or demolition work will be considered equivalent to a commercial workplace as regards to asbestos safety and handling.

This will mean that prior to organising or managing household or residential renovations an asbestos inspection should be carried out prior to commencing work or risk breaching the Workplace Health & Safety Regulation.

Also for residential owners we have created a book which can help you identify asbestos in your own home. Go to our web page "Get the Book" for more details on how to order.

At Asbestos Audits Queensland we have over twenty years experience at inspecting and reporting on the presence of asbestos inbuildings.

Our friendly staff understand the sometimes emotive nature of asbestos and we can explain to your staff if needed, exactly what we are doing and how all but new buildings require this service.

We can inspect your building and produce an Asbestos Containing Materials Report, Register and Management Plan so that you comply with the regulations. We can also carry out pre-renovation, pre-demolition or sale inspections.

We use only NATA accredited laboratories for our sample analysis so that you can be confident of their results.

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